The Last Supper

Inside the Cathedral of Turin ath the entrance  there is a large painting. It is a copy of the famous Last Supper by painter Leonardo Da Vinci.Jesus is portrayed in the center . Everything here is related to the faith in Him. Around Jesus there are twelve apostles. The word

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The symbols of the bishop

The successors of the first apostles are the bishops and in this ancient tomb you see one of them portrayed. He is dressed in a particular way, very different from the knight who had been buried next to him. The bishop has a large ring on the ring finger, is

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The ambo, the altar and the pulpit

What Jesus did two thousand years ago during the Last Supper continues to take place every Sunday behind you, where are the ambo and the altar. At the ambo, the Word of God is read: the Gospels that speak of Jesus and the other books of the Bible. On the

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St. John the Baptist

In the cathedral there are many paintings of Christians who are presented to us as examples to follow. They are the saints. The most important saint in Turin, the patron saint of the city to which the cathedral is dedicated, is St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist is

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Saint Second

What is a Roman soldier doing in the cathedral? The ancient Romans were not initially Christians, but Saint Second, whom you see represented here with a cross on his armor, chose to become one. For this reason he was persecuted. He is a martyr, a witness of the faith.

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Saint Massimo and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

There are many saints portrayed here. One of them is dressed as a bishop. He is Saint Massimo, the first bishop of Turin, who lived sixteen hundred years ago! But the young man portrayed in the oval below is dressed like us. His name was Pier Giorgio Frassati and he

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In the Cathedral

The cathedral is the most important church in the city. It is nice to get inside and walk with the nose up, watching carefully the works of art housed here; they have a meaning that is important to find out!

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The Madonna Grande

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is called the Mother of the Church because she is a guide and an example for all Christians. For this reason, her chapel is so precious. The statue that represents her is six hundred years old and is the oldest of the cathedral! To the

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La Sindone

È qui conservato un lenzuolo che la tradizione ci racconta aver avvolto il corpo di Cristo e conservi la sua immagine. È la Sindone. Si tratta di un tessuto molto antico e delicato, quindi non è sempre visibile, ma quando la Sindone viene mostrata in occasione delle ostensioni, tantissime persone,

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