The Chapel of the Nativity

The central altarpiece, representing the Nativity, was painted by Giovanni Comandù in 1795. On the sides you can see the seventeenth-century mausoleums of two archbishops. Another sepulchral monument, placed outside the chapel, recalls Cardinal Giuseppe Gamba, Archbishop of Turin from 1924 to 1929. It is the work of sculptor Edoardo

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The Chapel of St. Second the martyr

During the plague of 1630, the city made a vow to build a chapel for St. Second, martyr of the Theban legion and co-patron saint of Turin. Stucco and paintings were made in the mid-seventeenth century by Casella, artist form Lugano. In the small central altarpiece St. Second is portrayed

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The altar of the Crucifix and the pipe organ

The altar is an eighteenth-century work by brothers Ignazio and Filippo Collino; the wooden crucifix is by Francesco Borello. Of great three-dimensional effect are the two marble statues of St. Christina and St. Teresa, sculpted in Rome in 1715 by the great Parisian artist Pierre Legros. Here the Sacrament of

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The Sacristy

The winter choir or sacristy of the Chapter, normally not open to visitors, owes its origin to the Archbishop Claude de Seyssel who, in 1520, foresaw there his burial. The work was completed in 1530. The mausoleum of Claude de Seyssel, still conserved in the sacristy, was created by the

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The presbytery and the main altar

The old altar was built in the early eighteenth century. Behind it there is a large trompe-l’oeil representing the internal architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, now closed for restoration. The presbytery is home to the pulpit, the altar and the bronze Bishop’s chair made in 2004 by

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The chapel of the Baptistery

Il battesimo è il fondamento della vita cristiana, la porta di accesso alla vita nello Spirito. Per questa ragione il battistero è simbolicamente posto all’ingresso delle cattedrali e delle chiese parrocchiali. L’attuale fonte battesimale venne realizzato, come il resto del decoro della cappella, nel 1851. La più antica vasca rinascimentale

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The Royal Tribune and the conservation of the Shroud

Inside the left transept is the monumental Royal Tribune, built in 1583 by Carlo Emanuele I. In 1777 it was enlarged from a design by the royal architect Francesco Martinez, Filippo Juvarra’s nephew . Over the years, the kings of Piedmont and Sardinia, and their families appeared at it, surrounded

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